Smartphones including iOS devices and Android smartphones (fewer ones) have limited storage and when it comes to user, it can’t do nothing after buying it. Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless is one of the device which solves your storage problem. It uses the universal Wi-Fi standard to add storage space and acts as a Wi-Fi access point, if you connect your device to it. As soon as it is connected you can browse the contents of an attached USB drive or SD card.

Look And Feel

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a rectangular brick and it’s a two-toned grey plastic body. It is simple and there’s a full-sized SD card slot on one end, while the other has a USB port and a Micro-USB port. There’s a small power button on one side with three status LEDs above it.

Just to remind you, the MobileLite doesn’t have any built-in storage, although it has 1,800mAh battery which can be used to charge other devices via USB. It’s primary purpose is to act as Wi-FI access point so that you can access contents of an SD card or USB pen drive from your phone or tablet.

There’s a green power indicator which tells you whether the MobileLite itself is broadcasting and there are two more indicator for Wi-Fi which tells you whether its pass-through function is active.

With the MobileLite device you also get USB cable and a microSD-to-SD adapter.

Setup And Usage

Without any prior knowledge a noob can easily set this up – all you have to do is press the power button for a second to begin charging a device over USB and in an around three seconds to turn on the Wi-Fi features. In a test run loaded the 8GB SD with assorted files & plugged them with Nexus 5, it is able to detect and connect to the MobileLite’s Wi-Fi broadcast without any trouble. Just for your information, there’s no security by default.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is advertised as compatible with iOS and Android and there’s no mention of the PC access.


It is easy to browse through the contents of SD & USB media and there is often a delay of few seconds when selecting files.

According to Kingston, you can connect three devices to the MobileLite at a time.


There’s no denying fact that the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is a useful device and there is no upper limit to the capacity of SDXC cards support. It is easy to carry, you can leave in a bag or vehicle.

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