Jabra has launched the Jabra PRO 900 variants in India and consists of two variants Jabra PRO 920/25 for smartphones, tablets and desk phones and Jabra PRO 930/35 for smartphones, tablets and UC soft phones. The Jabra PRO 900 series products are available at an initial price of 17,462 onwards and rest depends on the model variant. Jabra Pro 900 variants designed to meet the needs of business aiming to increase efficiency and increases productivity.


According to a press release, Mark Leigh, Jabra President, Asia Pacific, said,

There are usually two reasons why businesses don’t migrate to wireless communication. One is cost, and the other is concerns over installation and use. Clearly, there has been a need for an intuitive and inexpensive quality headset tailored for the professional office worker.”

“Efficiency and increased mobility are the key benefits we see in users of wireless headsets. “More and more workers are multitasking; handling phone calls while operating a PC or moving around the office at the same time. With a wireless headset you have an increased work radius, which makes the worker ‘task centric’ instead of ‘phone centric’. I think 75 percent more calls for the wireless headset users speaks for itself.”

According to a recent global survey by YouGov and Jabra, office and mobile workers were asked about their office environment and what they consider to be the most significant challenges to their performance and efficiency. To the vast majority of respondents, who spent more than an hour on the phone each day, the use of a headset makes a difference: 75% feel more efficient with their wireless headset. In addition to this, the survey showed that with 63 percent of global office workers’ job satisfaction depends on the type of phone is being used; it’s definitely worth paying attention to. Also because wireless headsets have shown to increase the overall work efficiency and job performance, with a full 75 percent of workers catching more calls when using a wireless headset.

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