Earlier Jabra launched the Motion Office Bluetooth headset in India at an initial price tag of Rs. 33,500 ($129.00). It is an idle Bluetooth headset, if you spend most of your day on the phone like chatting, making deals, etc. Jabra Motion Office have excellent hands-free audio quality and boasts NFC technology for fast pairing. In addition to this, Jabra also provides sophisticated smartphone app. In this post I’m sharing review of Jabra Motion Office and this review based on after 1 month use.

The headset is comfortable and the speaker portion slides up & down for added comfort and custom fit.


First of all, you want to know what’s inside the box?

Jabra Motion headset, Touchscreen base, Wall Charger, Micro-USB cable (long), Telephone cable, Soft Pouch, Jabra Link 360 USB Bluetooth dongle, Ear Gels (S, M, L), Micro-USB cable (Short). The mic boom is the “on/off” switch so you can clearly see if headset is on or off. The volume adjustment is touch sensitive, merely stroke back of headset up or down to adjust volume. The answer/hang up button is easily located right on speaker portion or if available, utilizes voice activation. Also there is a little button under the mic that allows you to activate voice commands. In addition to Bluetooth, the Jabra Motion also supports NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Also has “motion sensors” however not certain how/what that is for just yet. There is a “Busylight” indicator on earpiece to show others if you are in a call. This is headset is just jam-packed with features.



The first time you see the Jabra Motion’s box, you struck to see its massive size. It sports a robust, over-ear design and a big, flip-down mic. It’s back side runs all the way down the full length of your ear. With the boom microphone deployed, the device’s profile extends even further –well beyond the earlobe to each the lower check. It has improved call quality & greater comfort and there’s no earpiece strapped to side of your face. In face, there’s no hiding w=that you’re wearing the Jabra Motion.

The Jabra Motion Office has huge design and thanks to height-adjustable speaker, a back edge that properly balanced the weight of the headset & soft eargels, the Motion is very comfortable to wear. In box there are three eargel tips and they are designed to fit into the ear canal to form the tight audio seal.

The Jabra Motion uses fancy touch-sensitive volume controls as well, a ridged band placed on the earpiece’s rear edge. Other buttons on the Motion include a big call answer/end key that’s hard to miss on the outer speaker face, plus a small voice and mute-toggle on the bottom lip of the boom arm. You can charge the Motion through a micro USB port and Jabra claims a single charge which lasts up to seven hours of talk time.

Features and Performance

The Jabra Motion Office packs an impressive array of bells and whistles. Connecting to phones & tablets via wireless Bluetooth v4.0, the headset has dual microphones for noise cancellation in difficult audio environments. According to Jabra, the Motion;s comparatively large speaker offers increased volume and audio frequency range.

After using Jabra Motion Office Bluetooth Headset at work or in crowded places, the sound is pretty much clear. Voices on my end came through loud and with precision in high and mid-frequencies. The low end was also rich with a good helping of bass, something that stymies many mono headsets.

The Motion also features an NFC chip for fast Bluetooth pairing, just tap the headset against compatible phones to link. In addition to this, it is equipped with an accelerometer or motion sensor. With it, the device is supposed to perform nifty tricks like automatically answering incoming calls when you pick up the headset up or kick in extra noise cancellation when it detects continuous movement such as walking. According to Jabra, its dual microphones and motion sensor can adapt intelligently to din-filled environments.

Jabra Motion Office Bluetooth comes with internal voice commands and it prompts for built-in caller ID. The Jabra Motion smartphone application is available for iOS and Android and the app lets you pair with nearby devices, view the current battery level of the Motion, plus select sound profiles depending on the situation.


Jabra Motion Office is more comfortable to wear and if you are professional, then it is an idle one to connect pair of multiple devices in & out of the office. You can connect your desk phone, PC/Laptop via USB cable or include USB Bluetooth dongle AND your mobile device. The audio quality is pretty good and it offers a enough talk time. In addition to this, the motion companion app is also more capable, with methods for switching sound profiles on the fly. I also like the Motion’s ability to link it with compatible phones, it links quickly and with ease. The Jabra Motion Office Bluetooth headset comes with soft pouch and spare micro-USB charging cable, so that you can charge Motion in and out of the office.

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