Before choosing a phone brand, have you ever think that the brand of your phone would say something about your personality? A recent online survey suggests that the brand of phone you buy may indicate how intelligent you are. Comparing smartphones of different brands is the best topic to discuss for techies, but studies between users of the iPhone, Android and other handsets are also not uncommon these days.

If you own an iPhone then you should feel proud of yourself, not for owning an Apple (world’s top tech giant) handset but a recent survey suggests that the iPhone users are smartest among all device owners like Samsung, HTC, Nokia and BlackBerry. Got a BlackBerry? Then you’re probably the slowest. According to an online mental agility test, iPhone owners are more intelligent than Android users, while the BlackBerry users are found to be the slowest.

iPhone Owners are Smarter and More Intelligent than Android UsersThe ‘Test of Wits’ was carried out by the British betting company, Ladbrokes. A thousand smartphone users were challenged to take a series of online brain teasers designed to test their mental agility. In the test there are seven brain-teasers for you to test problem solving skills, pattern recognition and code cracking. The user has to select the brand of their phone first to participate in the test, and choose one out of four possible answers in each question. You will only move onto the next question once you have answered the question you are on correctly. There is also a timer in the top right-hand corner for added pressure. This is a speed game!

Here are some examples of the questions asked:

– How many 9s are there between 1 and 100? –  a) 19  b) 20 c) 9  d) 1  e) 14.
– Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days? – a) 1 b) 12 c) 3 d) 10.
– How many legs do 2 dogs and 2 ducks have in total? – a) 8 b) 10 c) 12 d) 14
You can complete this test online at Test of Wits.

This survey revealed that the iPhone users were found to have the quickest wits of all, completing the test in 94 seconds, on average, while BlackBerry users were the slowest at 118 seconds to scrape through the test. In second place were Google Nexus owners, who completed the test in 99 seconds on average. Samsung users were ranked in third place with an average completion time of 103 seconds. HTC owners were fourth in the list with an average time of 105 seconds, while people with Nokia handsets scored 109 seconds to complete the test. Although the fastest test of all was completed by a Samsung owner, at just 47 seconds.

This isn’t the first time that smartphone users were pitted against one another. A study in August carried out by TalkTalk Mobile surveyed 2,000 owners of the three major smartphone brands – iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users – determining whether their choice of phone said anything about their personality.

The study found that iPhone owners were found to be the most arrogant and vain, spend more on clothes and grooming than those who have BlackBerry and Android phones. They rate themselves more attractive than those with other smartphones. Blackberry owners were found to be the biggest earners and are more likely to have long-term relationships. The people with Android handsets to be the most creative and to drink the most alcohol. They have the best manners and are handy in the kitchen.

Source: DailyMail

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