Intel has announced the ‘Dual OS Platform’ at CES 2014, which puts Android and Windows in the same, dual-booting device. The new Intel processors will power computers that can switch between Windows and Android with the press of a button almost instantaneously. Intel says their processors will power PCs with the dual OS platform soon, which can switch between the operating systems with just a quick button press.

Intel Dual OS platformAccording to Intel, the dual OS operation will be a seamless experience, and a secure one as the company also introduced “Intel Device Protection Technology”. The device protection technology combines ideas that will help Intel-based Android devices to meet enterprise security standards.

According to the Verge, Intel is not alone here, AMD also announced a partnership with BlueStacks at CES to run fullscreen and windowed Android apps within Windows itself, with the help of an ARM processor core inside new AMD chips. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more dual-boot combo devices in the near future.

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