Facebook is holding an event on June 20th, and some sources speculating that the social network might be adding video support to its Instagram platform.  If true, the popular photo-sharing app, will begin to let people also take and share short videos. One can say this the Vine effect.

Instagram getting Video support

No more words on whether there will be included filters, or this would be in a separate app or part of an Instagram update. But rumor has it that videos would be between 5 and 10 seconds in length.

Instagram has been slowly losing ground on Twitter to Vine, a popular iOS and Android app which lets you share short 6 second video clips. Vine, the video sharing service that Twitter launched nearly half a year ago,  It grew extremely fast attracting 13 million iPhone users since launch. Since debuting its Android version at the beginning of the month, the total amount of Vine video links on Twitter has surpassed those of Instagram.

Getting video on Instagram is a move that would make sense. It looks as a direct reaction to to the rising popularity of video-sharing services. Introducing video sharing may be just the step Instagram needs to retain its advantage over Twitter’s Vine and others like Viddy, Cinemagram and Socialcam. These apps sometimes describe as “Instragram for video” apps, and getting popular amongst iOS and Android users.

The lack of support of video however might erode Instageam’scustomer base. Putting in a video service could serve a better over  new-but-already-popular services like Vine. Stay tuned with us, be sure to check back on June 20th, just a couple of days and we will get further information.


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