On October 4, Facebook announced that they reached 1 billion users, this is an extraordinary milestone on the web by any social networking website. This number is roughly about one-seventh of the worldwide population, but the social media big daddy is building more and more. These are active monthly users not just sign-ups which means that Facebook is now used by 1 billion people every month.

Now, Facebook is actively used by many many users on the internet and it help to connect with different people, friends pretty easy. Everyone use Facebook for sharing photos, posting stories, and making new friends. Mashable’s Chris Taylor has recorded the incredible history of Facebook in interesting numbers in this infographic. The infographic records that about 44% of internet users are Facebook users having 140.3 friendships each, there have been 219 billion photos uploaded, 17 billion location-tagged posts.


Now its your turn to tell why you use Facebook? Share your views via comments!

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