For those who do not know, Indigo is a voice controlled personal assistant for Windows Phone 8 device. The new version of Indigo ( for Windows Phone released and it gives the ability to launch the app from the Windows Button.


Indigo V1.0.38.0 – What’s New?

  • Launch app from Windows Button:  now you will be able to open Indigo and execute some pre-defined inputs (including “favorites”) by pressing the Windows Button. To active indigo you’ll have to say “Indigo + [your question/request]“; to use this feature with a favorite, you will need to save it first while you are using the app. Once you have done that you could also ask that question from the windows key by saying “Indigo + [text of favorite]“
  • Microphone is opened automatically when Indigo requests more information: while you are conversing with Indigo and ask it to set a reminder or book a meeting, the microphone will remain open while Indigo requests all the information needed to complete the task. Once the task is performed, you’ll need to tap the microphone icon to activate it again.
  • Knowledge: Indigo has learned about Riddles. You can try asking Indigo for one by saying “Tell me a riddle”.
  • Other minor bug fixing / improvements.

So, for what you are waiting for? Update Indigo app to latest version now:

Download Link For Indigo Windows Phone 8 App

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