Hugely Technologies become far first company to implement NLP technology in the e-commerce space in India. Hugely has developed a software which keep NLP as the base which would help e-commerce firms to better the search experience for users. Apart from this, Hugely also launchd the new image search feature and it will sever as a next level solution.

Hugefly ecommerce website

Amit Chaudhari, COO, Hugely commented:

“A major challenge in the NLP is the difference between how humans understand and how computers do. Traditionally, computers require highly structured queries but owing to the Natural Language Processing (NLP), a machine learning algorithm understands the holistic context of the searched query rather than the ordinary keyword matching.”

Just for your information, Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science and is related to the area of human–computer interaction. Intelligent applications like SIRI and Cortana work on NLP.

Hugefly’s power-packed ‘Image search feature’, enable the shoppers to just click the picture of the product they are looking for, be it in a magazine or a newspaper and get the closest and the best suited results for their search, thus saving them the trouble of going through pages after pages online. Needless to say, the software would save e-shoppers a lot of time.

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