At GMIC Bangalore 2015, Inveno has launched the new information aggregation & smart recommendation app – Hotoday. It focus on reading habits & interests of smartphone usrrs and the app recommends accurate news & information to users through an advanced algorithm and an abundant pool of media resources, providing the most desireable & necessary information.


Commenting on the launch, Mr Tomsin Tung, CEO, Inveno said:

“Hotoday is designed to offer personal and precise recommendation based on big data, saving users’ time and energy spent scouting for the right information. Using our advanced smart-recommendation technology, we wish to offer billions of users around the world more convenient and considerate information service.”

Hotoday is powered ny competitive Push Intelligent Engine technology and gather, select & distribute content according to specific algorithm among the tremendous amount of data. Based on users’ characteristics, interests and browsing habits, PIE can provide different interfaces and contents to meet users’ individual reading demands. The app will recommend both local and international information to users by using English and other local languages.

Talking about the market scenario in India Mr Tomsin Tung, CEO, Inveno said:

“There is no better place to launch our product than the competitive and fast-evolving Indian market. With the advent of 4G, wider coverage of mobile network and launch of many low-cost smart phones, there is tremendous potential in the mobile internet market here. Although, the mobile internet media market in India, especially the aggregated media market, is still at a starting stage. We hope to co-build the bright future with the right partners”

Hotoday targets to reach 30 million users in Southeast Asia, including India, by next year.

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