As a human being you need a home to live in and have to pay attention to every minute thing including living rooms, kitchen and everything. Apart from everything, you have to pay special attention on bathroom, it’s because it will be used on daily basis. Above all, the environment of the bathroom is in such a way that the person feels relaxed and gets totally refreshed before coming out. Once upon a time, a friend said to me, if you want to see how a clean house looks like, then do not forget to check out their bathroom. As a person you always want that your home looks good & beautiful not the living rooms but also the bathroom. Even though, if someone visits your home, then there might be a possibility that they will use your bathroom and if it is not done well, then the beauty of your home will be affected.

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To improve the condition of bathrooms, there is an Hindware Dreambath app, which will be good for users who are seeking for a reliable solution. For your information, Hindware is a leading brand that provides sanityware solutions. The Hindware DreamBath app comes with number of features and all these features can be used to build your dream bathroom. With just a click of button, the app gives you the option to showcase our creativity.


In a Hindware DreamBath app, there are 24+ inspirational themes that comes pre-loaded from across the globe and all the themes include various designs based on latest patterns. The app allows you to plan the interior of your bathroom space in a unique way and helping you to make most of it. All I can say, with the power of virtual reality, the app lets you reimagine the bathroom space like never before.

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The app comes with a Product Gallery, where you can go through the portfolio of each product and get information about the latest trends. You can visualize any accessory before buying it by using the Augmented Reality and according to it, you can make a decision accordingly. Once you make up your mind, just take the help of the GPS, the app shows you dealers nearby location including address, phone number or emails. You can ask for the desired accessory from dealer and he will response you in a specific time. This whole process is convenient and saves your precious time.

By using Hindware DreamBath app, you can start from scratch and without any help from anyone you can design your bathroom in no time. Above all, the app provides you maintenance tips, line drawings and installation manual which will be coming soon.

By sitting anywhere you can do all these things on your mobile and it displays all the possible charges in real time. The good thing of this app, is that you can involve your spouse and kids and take a combined decision.

The Hindware Dreambath app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones for free and you can download it from Apple App Store & Google Play Store respectively.

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