Hike Messenger has launched the Pujo & Navaratri special sticker packs and it is expected that over 200 million stickers to be exchanged y consumers across the country. Hike provides largest repository of stickers with over 5000 stickers around every theme and emotion including friendship, festivals, sports, global fusion and many more. The stickers are available in more than 20 local Indian languages, making messaging fun with engaging and relevant content.


The new sticker packs have been designed to keep up with the pulse, mood and essence of the festive season. The stickers let users greet their loved ones in more than 60 expressions such as “Hallo Hallo, DandiyaRaas, Jo BakaNavratriCheToh Line TohMarvaani, DhakerShubhoMaasoshti, Tale KamarDole,BoloMaaDurgaki Joy, CholMondopeGiyeAdda Di”

With Hike 4.0, there is a feature called automatic Sticker Suggestions and it recommends the perfect sticker for every moment based on what users type making it extremely easy for consumers to discover and use stickers. If you send stickers to anyone it consumers minimal data & works extremely well on 2G, which makes it super data efficient and an attractive proposition for consumers across the country.

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