Hike Messenger is an instant messaging app which is specifically designed to address the uniquely ‘desi’ needs of it’s users. It is fastest growing messenger which was launched back in December 2012 and now it has 35 million users. Apart from messaging you can do a lot more with Hike Messenger and below you can find more details about it.


  • Big File Transfers – This feature allow users to share files in any format (format includes – ZIP, MP3, MP4, docs, puts and much more) and up to size of 100MB. This feature you can’t find in any email client
  • Voice Calling – By using Hike Messenger you can make VoIP calls over 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi and it is available across 200 countries. All these calls are optimised to consume very little data which indirectly offers users more calling minutes per MB of data.
  • Localized Stickers – Hike messenger offers localised stickers. As you know, India is a diverse country and has many people find these as useful while having a conversations.
  • Offline Messaging: Hike messenger allow users to message to those friends who don’t have a smartphone or an active internet connection. Isn’t that cool?
  • Hidden Mode: Hike Messenger comes with in-built Hidden mode, it lets you hide your private chats pretty easily and without a passcode no one can access it. This feature help users to protect their personal data before handing the phone to anyone.
  • 500 People Group Chats: Group chat one thing people like and Hike Messenger offers you to add 500 members in one group. You can share anything which includes messages, media content and much more.
  • Favorites (Last Seen): Hike messenger allows you to control the Last seen ,online status and status update setting. This feature helps you to choose what information you want to share.

All these features make Hike messenger a must have messenger when it comes to chats, sharing media content and many more.

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