Google’s 3D mapping project, called the Project Tango has appeared on the Chrome issue tracker and the specifications of the Google’s Project Tango Camera revealed. According to the issue tracker, it will feature a standard 4MP colour backside camera, a 180 degrees Field of View (FOV) Fisheye camera, a depth camera 320×180@5Hz and a front camera with a 120 FOV which is similar to the field of view as the human eye. If you do not know, project Tango is an initiative by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) and this project make it possible to create a 3D model of the space around the smartphones. With this, the Tango devices have the ability to create 3D map of surroundings, virtual environments, etc.


The Tango phone features a 5-inch screen, runs on Android and the customized hardware & software capable of tracking its full 3D motion and simultaneously creating a map of its surroundings. The sensors in the phone capture over a quarter million 3D measurements per second and the device’s position and orientation is updated in real-time and the data combined into a 3D-mode.

[Source] Chromium

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