Google is adding up several touch-friendly features to its Chrome browser. In a latest update to the Canary build of Chrome, Google has added a new slide-to-navigate feature that gives users the ability to use their finger to swipe left or right to go backwards and forwards on web pages. It is almost similar to the feature found within Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.

Chrome Canary_touch features for Chrome browserIn addition, Google is testing pinch-to-zoom within Chrome browser, users will be able to zooming in websites using their fingers. There’s now an “enable pinch scales” option in the Chrome Canary flags. Furthermore, for Windows 8 users, Google is also experimenting the onscreen keyboard fully in the desktop version that will appear by tapping the address bar or text boxes.

The new feature is very useful not only on Google’s own touchscreen Chromebook Pixel, but also on touch-screen based PCs suppporting Windows 8 available in the market. The latest Canary build Chrome browser with touch-friendly features is expected to be release in the coming weeks to the public. But if you are a tech geek and wants to test these new Chrome features, you can still download it now in beta form from the source link below.

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