Snapdeal has come up with a Campaign called “#GoodDeedwithSnapdeal” and if you do not know, it is an activity that encourages people along with their friends to do something that is non-materialistic. Snapdeal believes that doing a small deed can make a big difference in the world and trying to reach the whole of humanity.


This movement is based on the principle of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”, it’s easy to complain but difficult to act and be a change.

Now it’s your turn be an inspiration for something good to other people, be an initiator of something good. Here is how Snapdeal plans to circulate this activity :

  • STEP1: Do a real good deed today.
  • STEP2: Post it with a picture or video on Facebook, Twitter OR Instagram with #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal
  • STEP3: Nominate 2 friends to join the movement.
  • STEP4: Return the deed by appreciating someone else’s good deed.
  • Above are the simple steps, contains the power to initiate as well as bring the change and to know more about this, you can click over to this link: You can also follow the hastag of #GOODDEEDWITHSNAPDEAL on Twitter, to see what all good personalities are also joining this activity. e.g. Shashi Tharoor.

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