Research by GlobalWenIndex reveals that conversations are now moving from traditional social networks towards mobile networking. The mobile messaging app audience continues to steadily grow, with 46% in the APAC region using these services. If you do not know, GlobalWebIndex is the world’s largest multi-market research company specialising in online consumer behaviour, it covers 32 markets and representing 90% of the global Internet audience.

Speaking at the event, Jason Mander, Head of Trends at GlobalWebIndex, said,

“Mobile messaging tools have experienced substantial growth during the recent period, particularly amongst the younger generation. Social networks are now being treated more passively, meaning the number of people messaging friends on social networks is now declining. People see mobile messaging apps as an efficient way to communicate. We are expecting the number of mobile messaging users to continue to grow in the coming quarters.”

According to GWI, the top reasons for this surge in usage includes messaging apps being free (45%), being quicker than using social networks or text messages to speak to people (41%) and lots of friends using them (41%). GWI revealed the top messaging apps which includes WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

Some other key research findings include:

  • Mobile networking is booming: 40% of global internet users are now using mobile messaging apps, rising to 46% in the APAC region.
  • Free is still attractive: Top reasons for using messaging apps includes being free (45%); enabling direct messaging on one-to-one basis (31%); and fun to use (27%).
  • In India there is 113% increase in the number of people utilizing the mobile messaging tools since 2013 and of of the mobile messengers users are young, affluent & highly active online.

    According to GWI, in Q3 2014, 83% of online Indians accesses the internet via mobile & it directly increase the popularity of mobile messaging apps. As mentioned above, the top messaging apps in India include WhatsApp, WeChat And Facebook Messenger. Among these WeChat has experienced significant growth.

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