FreeCharge announced that they are shifting to a new office in old Madras Road, Indira Nagar and the new office is designed to resonate FreeCharge’s ideology of collaboration and conversations which leads to great innovation. The new office is spacious, more vibrant with state-of-the-art-facility allowing more movements within the office.


Kunal Shah, CEO and Co-founder, FreeCharge said,

“We started our journey in a small 2 BHK in Bangalore and it has been a super rewarding, yet absolutely crazy roller-coaster ride with some phenomenally amazing moments. Our offices have always been a reflection of what we are – humble, passionate and fearless. Our brand new office further amplifies these values. A large portion of the space was designed by our own people, which makes it even more special. Phenomenally excited to embark on this new adventure – this time with a bigger, bolder, swankier canvas.”

The total area of office area is 22,115 sq.ft is creatively designed by graffiti artists and encompasses 187 workstations, 5 meeting rooms, 1 cafeteria, 1 board room, informal couch setting, 2 handing seating units, 2 big relaxo both units, 2 mini relaxo booth units, 1 pedestral seating unit, 2 low window seating units and 1 huddle capsule unit.

With innovative and interesting set-ups, the new office has a very inspiring ambience. The 5 meeting rooms will have an aura of inspiration and leadership motivating employees each day. One of the walls of each meeting room will bear a water colour painting of eminent personality’s like- Rahul Dravid from sports, Rabindra Nath Tagore from literature, the legend of music A.R. Rahman, established leader and scientists late Dr APJ Kalam and JRD Tata from the corporate segment. These inspirational figures stand for leadership, triumph, resilience, and have had humble beginnings which are in line with the core values of FreeCharge, thus making it a perfect blend.

Employee performance and productivity plays an important role at the workplace. Minor factors like no-clutter, good lighting, better infrastructure and a fun environment are few elements which support efficiency at work. The relocation is in line with the fact that FreeCharge is one of the best start-ups to work for and the new cool office set- up will not only motivate the FreeCharge people but enable free flow of creativity with seamless communication. The office is a perfect amalgamation of open spaces and informal seating areas allowing relaxed and free flow of more opportunities for employees to collaborate.

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