In the technology sector, PCs is one of the sector and no with deeper optimism it has changed. The new addition 2 in 1s and new features like touch, 3D interaction, facial login and much more. In a Intel research, 49% of Asian consumers buy a 2 in 1 because it combines both a laptop and tablet in one device.


Now a days, 2 in 1 devices represent a new category of computing that offer the best of a laptop and best of a tablet. Typically these devices will have a screen size of over 10”. These devices will gain popularity with consumers moving forward because they provide consumers a great value proposition of two devices for the price of one.

These devices offer the buyers the 4C benefits: Convenience, clutter-free, cost effective and convergent.

The newly launched 2-in-1s are very high on consumer benefits and are sure to provide the OEMs a huge opportunity to tap into several new usage models that are yet unexplored. 2-in-1 devices accurately enable technology to be a natural extension of the user’s lifestyle.

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