Facebook has updated its Facebook Messenger app, adding more ways for users to interact with their friends via video messages. The new update brings  instant video messaging feature that will enable users to send 15 second videos within the app. Prior to this update, users could only send in-app pictures and pre-recorded videos stored in the gallery. Facebook has also added “Big Likes” feature for its users. Facebook is slowly rolling out this Messenger update to both iOS and Android devices.

Facebook adds instant video messaging featureWhat’s New:

  • Instant Video Sending: Shoot and play 15-second video messages from the camera right in the app
  • Big Likes: Press and hold to send an even bigger thumbs up when you really, really like something.

How to:

– Tap the camera icon and hold the Send button, and you can automatically record and send short video clips to friends. After Tapping the camera icon, you will see the instruction “Hold Send for Video, Tap for Photo”. You can record you video by holding the send button.

– If you change your mind while recording, simply swipe your finger off the Send button or quickly press X in the middle of the video clip while it loads on the chat window. You will see the instruction as well to do so on your screen, “To cancle, drag your finger off Send”.

Another feature that Facebook has added to it’s popular Messenger app is “Big Likes”. This feature includes the ability to tap and hold the “thumbs up” button to send a bigger like when you really liked something or want to appreciate someone. 🙂

You can download or update your Facebook Messenger app from the links below for iOS and Android. As Facebook is slowly rolling out this update, so if it’s not showing up on your updates list yet, don’t worry, just keep checking for the new update on your device.

Facebook Messenger for iOS

Facebook Messenger for Android

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