The Internet is full of data recovery software, one such tool is EaseUS. If the internet is full of such tools, there must be something different about this one or else I wouldn’t be writing this EaseUS review over here would I?

Let me tell you beforehand that EaseUS is a free data recovery software so I’m not asking you to “go buy this awesome tool”. 

Instead this is just an honest review of my own experience with the tool which I’m putting in front of you.

Now if you’re on this page, I’m pretty sure you’ve lost your data or it has been corrupted, or else you wouldn’t be on this page, so let me tell you that in the next 9 minutes you’re going to get your data back. (3 minutes to read this article, 6 to get your data back on a maximum!)

Why is EaseUS Different?

As I already mentioned, EaseUS isn’t the only data recovery tool the Internet has seen, but I can profoundly state it falls right in line with the ‘best data recovery tools’ without doubt.
Nope you don’t have to take my word for anything, the features I’ll discuss speak for themselves:-

Fast and Simple:-

The first and foremost feature I believe worth mentioning is its extremely easy and simple interface. Once the tool is fired up, all it takes is 3 more steps to get your data back.


Vast Device Selection:-

On the next screen you get to choose the device you want to recover your data from. Well the good news is, EaseUS supports every device which has ever lost data in its existence.

Just plug it into your computers and you can select it from the following screen:-

Vast Device Selection

You can use EaseUS to recover data from everything, starting with a simple Hard-disk, and going as far as USB sticks, Memory cards or anything else which stores data digitally.



Another one of the superpowers EaseUS holds is that you can preview the files before recovering them.
This makes sure that you don’t have to recover every file that ever existed on your device, instead, you can choose what you want to bring back from the dead and what’s better staying in the coffin.

Pause-Resume Recovery

Pause-Resume Recovery:-

Well, this feature isn’t exactly made as “pause-resume” thing, but it surely acts as one.
What it does is, if you’ve scanned a device which has lots of files and took lots of time to get scanned, and for some reason if you had to leave the recovery process in between.
In that case, you don’t have to scan the device again the second time when you want to resume the recovery. Instead, you can export the scan results when you leave the recovery process, and import the same when you’re ready to resume it again.

Which Files does it Recover?
On the very first screen, you get to choose which files you want to get back, and as far as my knowledge goes, this list includes almost every kind of digital file that’s important to us.

recovery software

Is it Free?

Yes EaseUS has a fully functional free plan as well, and it doesn’t restrict or limit the features in any way that seriously affects your results, that’s the beauty of it.
The only limitation is that you can recover only 2GB of data with the free plan. Obviously, the premium plan has some edges, for eg. the free lifetime support, but before you’re ready to buy it, I think the free plan is more than a generous offer in itself.

Windows Data Recovery Software

Final Verdict:-
Considering it’s a free tool, and all the features it’s offering you, I don’t suppose you or me can have a reason not to try it out, right?

Afterall what have we got to loose? It’s lightweight as well (15mb only), so nope the download won’t eat up your data, and the installation won’t eat up your system resources as well.
Seems this might just as well be the all time best data recovery wizard, decide for yourselves.

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