Duolingo has launched the Duolingo App in Hindi and from now onwards you can use the app in Hindi too. For your information, the Duolingo is the world’s largest online language education platform. The interesting thing to note that, this is the first time that Duolingo has changed the app experience for specific country. In addition to this, Duolingo has partnerships with governments, schools and companies around the world to improve language education, and is keen on establishing similar partnerships in India.

Commenting on the announcement, Luis von Ahn stated:

“In developing markets like India, learning English is crucial to people’s professional development and can double or triple their income potential. Our goal is to give everyone in India the best possible language education money can buy, but for free.”

Awaneesh Verma, Product Head at Duolingo , said:

“Being an Indian myself, I am excited to say that India is an integral part of Duolingo’s growth strategy. Hindi is the most widely spoken language in the country, hence we are focused on Hindi speakers first, but we plan on launching the app in other languages as well.”

The Duolingo app has attracted over 110 million users worldwide, those who want to learn languages for free. In addition to this, some of the users get prestigious awards from Google and Apple. After conducting several user studies with English learners in India, Duolingo has decided to introduce a number of exclusive features for the Hindi speaking population. Above all, the customisations include reducing the size of the app and it reduces the amount of memory required to install it.

Duolingo’s mission is to provide free, high quality language education to all and it was designed just like a game. The languages learning in a fun way and proven effective for users. Customizations improve the placement, help people quickly determine their proficiency level and customizing the content to make it more appealing to Hindi speakers. Hindi speakers can learn English with Duolingo, while Indian natives who already speak English can choose from 16 other languages.

The app available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices and can be downloaded from Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, Windows Phone Store respectively.

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