DreamWorks popular characters like the Penguins from the “Madagascar” and the Shrek are coming in your hands very soon. DreamWorks has partnered with a technology company – Fuhu – to create a new Android tablet called the DreamTab for kids that’ll come with its own stylus and many kids’ apps. DreamTab will be a 8-inch Android tablet and will feature regularly updated original content based on DreamWorks characters, everything will be optimized for tablet-viewing.

dreamtabDreamWorks – known for its animation works and cartoon characters, it knows what kids want to watch – and the tech company Fuhu – which makes the popular Nabi line Disney edition model of children’s tablets – comes together to produce DreamTab Android tablet for kids. An 8-inch model of DreamTab will arrive in stores in the spring and will cost under $300. The DreamTab Android tablets will be sold with a range of DreamWorks-branded accessories, including headphones, protective bumpers and carrying cases. A 12-inch model of the DreamTab is also planned and will arrive later.

According to NYT, DreamWorks is developing a series of “character moments” for the Dreamtab that’ll feature characters from DreamWorks movies. for examples – turn on the tablet, for instance, and penguins from the “Madagascar” franchise might greet you with a silly dance, “Shrek” characters might appear in a skit to announce that it is time to power down, depending on how parents have set the timing controls.

DreamTab will also include other educational elements and apps like “educational artistic experiences”. There’ll be drawing lessons from DreamWorks animators to teach kids how to draw characters like Po the panda or Toothless the dragon. To allow children to draw on the screens, each DreamTab will come with the same stylus technology that DreamWorks artists use to make movies – kids will be able to draw along or learn how to draw with their original content. In addition, a “How to Train Your Dragon” action figure might be used to unlock games and educational experiences on the tablet. The devices will enable children to send instant messages and emails to their parents’ smartphones.

Dreamworls' DreamtabThe DreamTab will not be a DreamWorks-only world. The studio’s video content and games are the most prominent, but users can also stream shows from Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network. Fuhu and DreamWorks have also left the door open for integration with branded toys.

There’s no word on specs yet, the companies specified that the DreamTab is not a toy, “if you give a kid less… they won’t like it.” DreamTab will provide around the same power as an iPad in parent mode, companies added. The 8-inch Dreamtab model will arrive this spring alongside a range of DreamWorks branded accessories. A 12-Inch model will arrive later.

Source: The New York Times

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