Going out to dinner with friends or colleagues is always fun, but splitting the bills afterwards is an irksome task by passing the receipt multiple times  to figure out what everyone owes. Now, there’s an app – DivvyUp – exclusive for Windows Phone 8, to make bill splitting easy.

Simply snap a picture of the receipt, choose who ordered each item, and instantly see exactly what each person owes!  It uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to parse the receipt and then custom algorithms to identify relevant items and person who ordered it.

DivvyUp bill splitter app

The app comes with some handy features such as smart auto-rounding for easy payments, tip Calculator as well as a Quick Split option for when everyone pays the same amount.

DivvyUp is free for the basic version and can be upgraded to premium for only $0.99. The premium version further allowed you to save before itemized receipts, share breakdown summary and customize the app’s theme to any color.

Download the Free version of DivvyUp for Windows Phone 8

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