DataWind announced a partnership with Cell Point and added into their retail network. In case if you do not know, DataWind is that leader in low-cost internet and a leading provider of wireless web access products while the Cell Point is a leading provider in mobile & internet connectivity device retailing. With this partnership, DataWind will now offer its entire product range of UbiSlate Tablet PCs and PocketSurfer Smartphones available off-the-shelf at Cell Point.

Commenting on the new partnership, Suneet Singh Tuli, President & CEO, DataWind said,

“We are delighted to have Cell Point come on board and lend its strong and growing network to support last mile product availability of DataWind’s free internet access programme.”

Mr. Bala Balaji, Director Operations, Cell Point said,

“DataWind has established its leadership in the tablet PC segment and we are confident that it will recreate that magic in the smartphone segment with its low cost smartphones that offer free internet access. We want to be part of that success and are delighted to partner them.”

This new partnership comes close on the heels of DataWind’s launch of PocketSurfer’s new range of low cost Smartphones that offer unlimited free internet browsing for 1 year on the Reliance Communication’s GSM network. DataWind continues to be at the top with its leadership in the tablet PC segment, as said in a press release.

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