Its time to brush up your physics skill – Russian mobile developer ZeptoLab has announced that the Cut the Rope 2 is releasing on December 19 as iOS exclusive. The game is ready to hit the Apple’s app store at a limited time discounted price of $0.99. Cut the Rope 2 will debut exclusively on iOS devices.

cut the rope 2Cut the Rope 2 is sequel to one of the most popular physics-based puzzle game – Cut the Rope. Over 400 million downloads earlier this year, the original Cut the Rope game is one of the mobile gaming’s biggest hits. In this phenominal Physics-based puzzle game, one can play with physics by cutting the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom and brush up on your rope-cutting, puzzle solving, and candy feeding skills.

Cut the Rope 2 takes place over five themed worlds, new adventure has franchise mascot Om Nom embarking on a journey to restore his collection of candies, which has been stolen by a mischievous gang of spiders. The game comes with some new features, skills and excitements. Check out the video Cut the Rope 2 “Om Nom is missing” video:

Cut the Rope will available to download on iOS from December 19 exclusively. ZeptoLab has announced that the game will be available at a limited time discounted price of $0.99, but no word on when the promotion ends. Unfortunately, anyone with other than an iDevice won’t be enjoying Cut the Rope 2 season right now. No official words from ZeptoLab about availability of the game on Android,Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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