is an online office suite which allows you to create presentations by using your Facebook account. After creating presentations you can share it with your Facebook friends because “Share on Profile” button offers you to share this slideshow with all your Facebook friends or a selected group of Facebook friends. In addition to this, it offers a private mode that allows you to keep the slideshow private which means that the copy of the slideshow saved in your account. It also offers you to add effects, descriptions and caption in the slides. Only you have to click on the “Edit” link in the page and the application will open into a new browser window where you can edit the presentation.

In this article I will guide you on “Creating slideshow using Facebook Photo Album”.

Step1: Open and click on “Make a Photo Slideshow” as shown in screen-shot.

create slideshow using facebook photo album

Step2: Now it will ask you to login with your Facebook account as shown below:

facebook login information needed

Step3: After logging in, you have to choose the photo album which and have to fill out the options according to you (as shown below in screen-shot) and after all click on “Create” button to create the slideshow.

carefully fill all the details

Step4: Now it will ask for the permission like this:

access information needed

Step5: After granting the permission, it will be like this:

share the slideshow

Now you can edit, delete, or download this slideshow. offers a nice way to share your photos online and allows you to create beautiful slideshow by using only Facebook photos.

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