At Computex 2015, Corsair has launched the company first DIY 4K Gaming PC for the living room – Bulldog DIY 4K Gaming PC and it is available in Q4 of 2015. It is composed of a DIY kit with a stylish gaming console-sized chassis, liquid CPU cooler, power supply and a motherboard. It is designed with plenty of space for customisation and upgrades.


Commenting on the launch, Mr Andy Paul, CEO of Corsair Components, said:

“Bulldog is designed to take the 4K gaming experience delivered by desktop gaming PCs, and bring it to the big 4K screens in the home. We knew we needed to deliver a solution that was elegant, powerful, and compact. By leveraging our leading expertise in PC case design and liquid cooling, we met that goal with Bulldog. We can’t wait to unleash it on gamers this fall.”

The 4K-capable PCs require a lot of power and run hot when pushed, throttling down performance and becoming excessively loud as the stock fans struggle to cool the CPU and graphics card. Bulldog comes with a dedicated liquid cooler for the CPU, with an optional GPU liquid cooling kit available separately. Both the included Hydro Series H5SF liquid CPU cooler and HG10-equipped graphics card allow users to simultaneously overclock both components, giving the system the potential to run faster – and quieter – than a conventional desktop gaming PC, as said in a press release.

Bulldog Features:

  • Bulldog DIY kit: Chassis – Provides a highly ventilated, stylish, compact console design that enhances the living room and keeps PC components cool.
  • SFX power supply – Offers high-efficiency 600 watts of power in standard SFX12V form factor that runs smooth and quiet.
  • Mini-ITX motherboard – Supports the latest multi-core desktop PC CPUs.
  • Hydro Series H5SF small form factor liquid CPU cooler – Quietly cools the fastest CPUs while exhausting heat from the chassis.
  • MSRP: $399
  • Optional: Drop-in ready liquid-cooled graphics cards will be announced soon. Upgrade kits with a Hydro Series H55 liquid cooler and HG10 graphics card cooling bracket will be available for $99.

Apart from this, at Computex Corsair also announced the Lapdog. It will be available in Q4 2015 and it features large mouse mat area & keyboard dock for Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard.

Lapdog Features:

  • Wired for maximum performance without battery charging hassles.
  • Large 7”x11”mouse mat area and keyboard dock.
  • Powered USB hub for keyboard, mouse, headset, game controllers and flash drives.
  • Memory foam underside cushion for user comfort.
  • MSRP: Available as a standalone station for $89 or complete with keyboard for $199

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