The Samsung Galaxy SIII was an absolute smash-hit in 2012, and the Galaxy S4 is now overshadowing the impressive Galaxy SIII.  The good old Galaxy S III is now much less impressive (against Galaxy S4) than it was a year ago. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an amazing smartphone, but that does not mean Galaxy SIII is over. The Galaxy line has become synonymous with the best that Android has to offer.

If you’re a Galaxy S3 owner you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to Galaxy S4 or are you OK with your GS IIIs for another more year? Let’s go get some answers! We take a look at how the 2012 Samsung’s hit compares to its predecessor in our Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 Specs comparison.

Samsung galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S IIIThe Galaxy S4 packs a bigger battery, a slightly larger screen, a more powerful processor into a body that’s more compact than that of its predecessor. So, while it’s clear that the Galaxy S4 is in many ways superior to the Galaxy S III, it’s equally easy to turn that around and say that both phones share many similarities also.

At last it’s your decision to stay with your Galaxy S III or upgrade to the latest and more powerful Samsung smartphone Galaxy S4.

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