Finally the most awaited smartphone iPhone 5 is available for order. Everyone (even I’m also in the list) waited long for this version of iPhone. This new version (iPhone5) comes with bigger display and packed with new features and improvements as compared to its older versions. The best thing i like about iPhone5 is that, it is a beautiful phone, thinner, lighter, and above all faster as compared to earlier version.

In this post I’m sharing a detailed comparison of different versions of iPhone (iPhone5, iPhone4S and iPhone4). This comparison make it even easier for you to figure out what has changed in iPhone 5 as compared to previous versions of iPhone and this comparison help you make a decision whether you should upgrade to latest version of iPhone5 or not.

So, which version of iPhone suits your lifestyle and your pocket very well? Share your views via comments section and do not forget to share this with your friends. Smile

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