Its comparison time folks! and here we are comparing recently launched ATIV Tab 3 against Apple iPad 4. Samsung has announced ATIV Tab 3 at it’s premiere 2013 event in London. Tab 3 is introduced as the world’s thinnest Windows 8 tablet. Samsung is looking to take over the Apple iPad domination in tablet market with its Windows 8 tablet.

Apple iPad 4 vs Samsung ativ Tab 3

If you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth to get Apple’s 4th generation iPad that will get iOS 7 update later this fall or to get world’s thinnest Windows 8 tablet. Let’s go get some answers here! We take a look at how the Samsung ATIV Tab 3 compares to Apple iPad 4 in our Apple iPad 4 vs Samsung ATIV Tab 3  Specs comparison in this handy table.

Apple iPad vs Samsung ativ Tab 3

As for the availability, the  ATIV Tab 3 will arrive in stores in early August. And the Apple iPad 4 is already available in the market. Tab 3 has slighter bigger screen as compared to iPad 4, and runs on Windows 8 OS. Apple iPad 4 will get iOS 7 update in this fall that promises some improvements and new features with new flat look.

Both tablets come in different configurations. After all it’s your choice. So which one would you prefer? Share your views via comments.

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