Canon India has launched the company’s latest wireless laser presenter – Canon PR500-R in India at a price tag of Rs. 4,495 and comes with a 1-year limited carry-in warranty. The Canon PR500-R features high-intensity red laser with double the intensity that conventional laser pointers has and allow consumers to highlight important information in a variety of professional settings. The good thing about Canon PR500-R is that it requires no setup and with just “Plug and Play” feature you can use it instantly. Canon India has sent us the PR500-R for review and after using it for over almost a month, sharing the detailed review with you.

Before I go into much detail, I would like to share a number of features of Canon PR500-R.

Canon PR500-R Features:

  • Vibrant red laser that is two times more visible than a standard laser
  • Has a wireless range of up to 65’
  • Ergonomic, stylish, and intuitive design for comfortable control
  • Runs on two AAA batteries with a battery level indicator
  • Plug and play USB 2.0 and fully compatible with PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Protective soft carrying case included

Now, you are aware that what you are getting after buying Canon PR500-R presenter. I assume that you have purchased the Canon PR500-R and let’s see what comes in a box

Inbox Content:

Canon PR500-R comes in a simple box and when you open it up, you will get:-

  • Canon PR500-R Red Laser Wireless Presenter
  • Plug and Play Wireless Receiver
  • A carry pouch
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Some manuals

Canon PR500-R Build Quality, Real Life Usage, And More:

The Canon PR500-R is made from plastic that weighs 53 gram including two triple A batteries and measures 115 x 29 x 24mm. The Canon PR500-R is pleasant to hold in hands and it has clean & simpler design. The keys are placed intelligently and offer a better command over visual content & ease of access to the user. All the buttons are easily reached with the thumb, with exception of the on/off button, and it consequently allows a smooth operating. The front portion of the presenter has glossy finish while rest of the body has a matte finish that offers a better grip. At the back, there is a battery compartment where you find your USB receiver and it slides in pretty easy.

Talking about Canon PR500-R, there is a LED battery indicator that shows battery level and there is a pointer button which is a must thing on a presenter. Just below pointer button, there is a Next & Back button which allows you to navigate through your slides and below this you find Slide & Blank screen button. On the left side, there is a slider which you can use to set for Presentation or Keynote mode or the same slider can be used for turning off this device.

By using Canon PR500-R, one can easily move around in a conference hall as it has the 65-foot wireless range and it works flawlessly during our review. With intuitive slideshow controls, the PR500-R works well with both PowerPoint, Keynote, and OpenOffice. The connection is made via 2.4GHz radio link and commands were still accepted, even without eye contact to the receiver.

In real life situations, we all know that the PowerPoint presentation is a usually boring slideshow that rise and fall. A possibility to enliven the presentation is to operate freely in front of the audience and every single participant can be addressed directly.


The Canon PR500-R presenter does exactly what you expect. It is simple to use presenter and with just “Plug & Play” feature you can use it instantly. It is a portable and lightweight device that gives speaker more power to control slide shows and make it more engaging for the audience. One thing which I like about Can PR500-R is that buttons placement is good.

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