Blueair has officially launched it’s operation in India and its full range of indoor air purifiers. The Air Purifiers will enhance health & wellbeing at home & work by removing most common airborne contaminants hazardous dust particles. In addition to this, the air purifiers are also known to remove deadly viruses which include H1N1, commonly known as swine flu.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Erik af Ugglas, a senior member of the Blueair Board of Directors since the company was founded in 1996 said:

“Our entry into India is a very important milestone in Blueair’s global growth strategy. India is a critical market where we expect to acquire a significant market share as a result of our superior technology, outstanding design and advanced air cleaning appliances. Our entry reflects both our strength as the leading global player in the air purifying category and our confidence in the ability to meet the opportunities that the highly-evolved Indian market offers.”

Adding further, Mr. af Ugglas said:

“Blueair air purifiers have enjoyed huge success in many countries such as China, Japan and the USA, thanks to innovative, high quality air purifying technologies designed to improve human health and wellbeing. We are committed to introduce many more life enhancing, indoor air cleaning products from the Blueair stable that will cater to the various domestic and business segments of Indian society in the future.”

Mr. Vijay Kannan, Blueair business head in India commented on the launch and said,

“Blueair’s indoor air purifiers have won global recognition and awards for their ability to clean the air in a room every 12 minutes of practically all known contaminants, including allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, and bacteria. He further averred that the aim behind Blueair’s launch in India is to provide exceptional indoor air cleaning performance and enhanced user experience for consumers and business buyers, at competitive prices. He added that as an internationally favourite health-technology brand, Blueair symbolises the new India where young, aspirational consumers favour brands that create a stir by doing good by being good.”

Blueair air purifiers whisper quiet and used little energy and adds a global Scandinavian design ethos to the modern life-enhancement home appliance choice available to Indian consumers.

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