Have you ever met a geek who doesn’t love tech gadgets? No, you haven’t. In fact, little awakens the senses of a geek like a new device. If you’re looking for the best tech gadgets that will please the geek in your life, consider the following six items.



Would the geek in your life appreciate a drone? Of course: A drone encompasses many tech features in one device. A drone is remote-controlled, can take flight, and has moving parts. Many drones also now come equipped with cameras.
If you’re looking for the best drone for your tech geek, consider the DJ1 Phantom 4 Pro. This drone is reliable, flies quickly, and has HD live video streaming. For those who have never flown a drone before, an in-app flight simulator gives users some training for piloting the device.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo will intrigue your Apple product–loving geek. This innovative, freestanding computer embraces Siri-like qualities. Place it in an office, kitchen, or another frequently accessed area of the home.
Anytime you need something, simply ask Amazon Echo a question. Tell it to set a reminder for you, start and stop your music, get directions, or report weather information. The more your tech-loving geeks use Amazon Echo, the more useful they’ll find it. 

Apple AirPods

Another great tech gadget is the new Apple AirPods. Although you can find several different wireless headphones on the market, these Airpods have some exceptional features.

First, a one-tap setup for the initial connection allows you to connect the AirPods to your iPhone, iWatch, iPad, or Mac. Once you have completed the one-tap setup, you can automatically connect to these devices anytime you use them again. The antennas at the end of the AirPods allow you to move around and be free of your device — a feature you can’t find in other Bluetooth headphones.

Smartphone On a 4G LTE Network

Almost everyone has a smartphone, but your tech-loving geek wants a smartphone that not only offers many features, but one that is also on a 4G LTE network that promotes outstanding coverage.

The Samsung Galaxy 7 is a great option for the tech geek. Its large 5.1-inch screen makes an exceptional viewing experience for photos and video. Those geeks who can’t stay away from the beach will also appreciate the phone’s water-resistant qualities. Plus, with a reliable smartphone on the 4G LTE network of T-Mobile, they can enjoy T-Mobile’s innovative network coverage. With the powerful T-Mobile network, for example, the geeks in your life can stream music and videos from their favorite media services using their phones. 

Multiple Port Charging Station

If you have any gadgets that have a rechargeable battery, you know the feeling when you need to quickly find an outlet to charge your devices. But if you are a tech geek, you likely have multiple devices running simultaneously that need charging at the same time. What do you do?

With a multiple port charging station, you can plug as many devices as allowed into the one unit and have all of your gadgets charging while you continue to work. Who wouldn’t want one of these charging stations?

Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Router

One of the biggest complaints tech geeks make about Wi-Fi connections is how much slower they are when compared to the internet speeds you receive through an Ethernet connection. Most Wi-Fi routers produce 600 Mbps compared to the average 1,300 Mbps you get from an Ethernet connection. Why not get your gadget-loving geek an ultra-fast Wi-Fi router? Not only are the routers incredibly cool looking with their multiple antennas and spacelike shape, but they also produce internet speeds of 1,300 Mbps, which mirror the speeds received through an Ethernet connection.
If you are looking for something to give the tech geek in your life who can’t get enough of the latest tech products, don’t ignore the six best gadgets listed above. These gadgets offer the geek in your life the most desirable features in products that your tech-loving guy or gal will love using. 

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