Nokia Lumia smartphones are designed to make the smartphone experience as simple as possible that runs on Windows Phone 8 OS from Microsoft. Although Windows smartphone and tablets are small in size compared to laptops, netbooks and other, but in actual they’re mini computers. Their power requirements aren’t as mini as we hope, sometimes very difficult to get through a busy day without running the battery dry. For the frequent travelers in particular this is one of the hardcore issue with no charging option and unavailability of any replacement battery.

Battery Saver tips for Nokia Lumia

Your  smartphones sucks the battery of your smartphone so quickly because of the the applications and software that these devices have installed on them.  Many applications use your smartphones battery life in background. Multitasking allows the application to work in the background, too many applications in the background can lead to reduced battery life. A simple solution is to limit the number of applications that run in the background for better battery life for your smartphone.

Thankfully Nokia has a solution for your Lumia in the form of Battery Saver. This features belongs to your Lumia device  that you might not discover yet. Hit Settings, followed by ‘Battery Saver’ (Setting > Battery Saver), and make sure it’s turned on. If you’re feeling more adventurous, press the ‘Advanced’ button, and you can choose different options for when Battery Saver is turned on.

Battery saver option in Lumia

Turning on Battery Saver stops apps from running in the background. It also prevents the phone from syncing automatically, enabling you to squeeze out an extra few hours of battery life.


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