Meet AutoCast, one of the most flexible app for your Chromecast that handles all sorts of amazing tasks and tools and gives more control over to the Chromecast. Created as a Tasker plug-in, AutoCast app for Android lets you send a wide range of content to Chromecast in your choice of layout, including multiple things at once – that means you can multitask on your Chromecast device. Now Automate Your TV with AutoCast that gives you full control over your Chromecast.

AutoCast App for Chromecast

AutoCast doesn’t just cast images, video, and audio, it’s capable of projecting multiple ones at once. You  can also cast and control many other local or web contents, like YouTube videos and playlists, notifications, voice, and web pages. You can get notifications while you’re watching video, or play music while browsing video.

Here is the list of AutoCast features-

  • Slideshows and videos playing back to back
  • Watching a video while listening to music in Google Play Music
  • Watch Flickr slideshow
  • Cast any web page you like (provided the site allows it)
  • Alternate home screen that shows your own photo and info
  • Search YouTube from the home screen via voice
  • AutoCast can cast content from Dropbox, Flickr, Vimeo, and other sites
  • Create custom home screens that show useful info like battery levels or weather
  • Multiple users to share control over a single Chromecast app, such as an image editor
  • Create a remote control screen on your Pebble whenever a YouTube video is being cast
  • Set up a home surveillance system
  • Automatically play cartoons in the morning

AutoCast is all about customizing, anything you cast is a custom screen. Now say goodbye to that standard Chromecast homescreen and create one of your own custome homescreen. It might be possible AutoCast won’t address every possible function you want, but it covers a lot by itself. Here is the AutoCast tutorial from developer:

You need to install the app to get any functionality out of it. You can get your AutoCast from the link below, the free version only works with pre-determined content. To really have fun, it will cost $1.37 for the AutoCast unlock key.

Get AutoCast Plugin here

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