Atlanta Healthcare in partnership with AirVisual has launched the world’s smartphone Air Quality Monitor – Node in India at a price tag of Rs. 18,990. The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node available on and company’s official website. The Node identifies the invisible airborne threats such as PM2.5 and CO2 to help people achieve a healthier living environment.

Atlanta Healthcare Node

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vibhor Jain, CEO, Atlanta Healthcare shared:

“The first step to improving air quality is to be able to monitor and detect the pollutants in the air. Aligned with our vision to bring the best in class innovation to customers in helping them breathe pure air we are excited to announce our association with AirVisual to bring the world’s smartest Air Quality Monitor, the Node to India. In India, the biggest challenge today is the lack of awareness amongst customers on what they breathe and the impact of it on their health. With Atlanta Healthcare Airvisual Node, customers would be aware of what they breathe and take steps towards combating air pollution. Our vision is to create a network of Nodes across the country to provide accurate monitoring and actionable advice to the public to protect their health and combat air pollution threats.”

Speaking at the launch, Yann Boquillod, founder of AirVisual said that:

“India is facing a major environmental crisis with air quality affecting the health of hundreds of millions of people”. In this situation, he emphasised “it is crucial to grow people’s awareness about air pollution levels, so that people know how to protect themselves and their families, and the pollution problem can be addressed. The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node provides a data-driven solution to empower people with knowledge of their surroundings and enable them to breathe the healthiest air possible.”

The Node is a portable air quality monitor which displays the particulate matter (PM.5) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations on a 5-inch LED screen. It’s an “all in one” device that not only monitors the air in its surroundings but also compares indoor with outdoor air quality & gives recommendations to create a healthier and more productive environment.

The good thing about Node is that, it gives tailored recommendations like alerting one to open windows and ventilate when CO2 builds up indoors, run an air purifier when indoor PM2.5 is high, or advising when to avoid exercising outside. The Node helps you to optimise a healthy indoor environment.

Placed outdoors, Node can become a public outdoor air monitoring station, sharing its air quality data with a global network to hugely benefit its local community and beyond.

The Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node also forecast air pollution, allowing users to plan their outdoor activities for the healthiest times possible.

The Node’s data can be tracked on-the-go using the AirVisual air pollution app or website, and further family and friends can also be invited to follow it. The AirVisual app reports air quality readings and forecasts for 10,000+ locations around the world. In India, the app reports pollution levels and forecasts for more than 100 points across the country.

Atlanta Healthcare AirVisual Node Features

  • Health Recommendations: to lower your health risk and improve well-being.
  • Advanced Analytics: Detailed figures on key pollutants and their evolution over time.
  • Air Pollution Forecast: allow you to plan your activities for the healthiest times possible.
  • Technical Specifications of the Node:

    5-inch LED screen, 800 × 480pixles, True colour
    Quad-core CPU chip- for advanced signal processing
    Battery – Rechargeable Li ion, 5 hours in standard use, charging using standard micro USB charger which is in the box, power consumption consumption 0.8 mA max
    Real-time sensor calibration- based on external factors (temperature, humidity, pressure)
    The CO2 sensor of Node is an Infrared gas sensor (NRID) the components of which include an infrared source, light tube, interference filter and infrared detector
    High precision laser sensor with airflow control fans for better accuracy
    Auto power saving mode
    Time network sync
    Data logging up to 5 years

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