Gameloft has released the company’s latest game – Asphalt Overdrive for Android, iPhone and iPad. The Windows Phone version is expected to be released soon. It is available for free but comes with in-app purchases. It brings new control schemes that lets you to swipe left or right to switch lanes, lets you smash other cars, push the nitro to zip away from the cops, compete with your friends, challenge bosses, avoid obstacles, perform crazy stunts and much more. In other words, it is a pure arcade experience.


Asphalt Overdrive feels more like Subway Surfers in a car and not the Asphalt series. Although it’s not a bad game and it features awesome graphics, rides that drool for and you can customize the cars to your liking.

Highlights of Asphalt Overdrive

  • Unlock and drive 30 high-performance, fully licensed vehicles such as the iconic Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa!
  • Improve and upgrade your car to dominate the California streets
  • Challenge yourself in 7 different mission types: Escape the cops, defeat bosses, avoid obstacles, and perform impressive stunts while you race!
  • Drive fast across the gorgeous highways of Southern California
  • Enjoy a subtly retro “new ’80s” atmosphere
  • Stunning visuals thanks to real-time lighting and particle effects
  • Connect to Facebook to play with or against your friends
  • Join a gang to team up with friends and achieve weekly objectives full of speed and action!
  • Track your progress and show off your skills as you advance in League championships
  • Compete in limited-time, Gang, and League events as you battle your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Download Asphalt Overdrive For Free For Android

Download Asphalt Overdrive For Free For iPhone and iPad

Download Asphalt Overdrive For Free For Windows Phone

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