The rumors about the cheaper iPhone are making a lot of buzz around the web, and now according to a recent leak that the Apple’s low cost iPhone may be called the iPhone 5C. Apple is expected to launch a new entry-level iPhone — now rumored to be iPhone 5C —  alongside the flagship iPhone 5S this fall.

iPhone 5C

After months of speculation, leaked photos, specs and other details, a photo emerged online on a Chinese website WeiPhone of plastic retail packaging with the name “iPhone 5C” labeled across it, showing a bunch of empty iPhone boxes. The boxes in the image are all white with  a black Apple logo, the name “iPhone 5C” and have round corners.

iPhone 5C packaging Boxes

Apple’s low cost iPhone is expected to be similar in size to the current iPhone 5 and will be available in multiple colors with plastic body.

We don’t know if those cases are real or not (as it looks close to the iPod touch box, and making a shadow of doubt), but if you think about it hard enough, the name iPhone 5C could make sense with the model name – “5C”. The “C” stands for what? Compact or..Cheaper or…Color? Most probably the C is supposed to stand for color as the low cost iPhone is expected to come in an array of colored plastic, a way of welcoming color to the iPhone family.

The recent reports about the Apple’s low cost iPhone suggests that the cheaper iPhone is expected to be launched sometime in the fall, may be in late September or early October and it’s going to be cost for $350 or more.


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