Some rumors, leaked emails and an image of a retail box suggest that Apple is all set to launch a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c model on March 18. According to some reports, 8GB model is already in stock and ready for deployment after an official Apple announcement.

iPhone 5cApple is not doing well with iPhone 5c sell, some reports suggesting that Apple has a pile of 3 million iPhone 5c units collecting dust. The iPhone 5c is under-performing on the market and it seems Apple is trying to make it a more attractive purchase.  Apple is looking to boost the 5c by launching an cheaper 8GB version. Currently only the iPhone 4S is available in 8GB variant.

An internal leaked email from O2 Germany details the availability of the 8GB iPhone 5c. The 8GB model will cost 60 euros less than the current 16GB model.

iPhone 5c 8GBAlso an image of the 8GB 5c’s retail box packaging confirms the reports.

5c 8GB variantThere is also a rumor about the return of the 4th-gen iPad, which was discontinued following the launch of the iPad Air.

Source: Engadget

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