The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C released soon, and now rumors of iPhone 6 are buzzing around the web. Latest rumor says that Apple’s iPhone 6 will significantly larger than the 4-inch display found on the current iPhone 5 series, the iPhone 6 will feature a 4.9-inch display.

iPhone 6

Many reports claimed it earlier that Apple will release a big-screened iPhone and iPhone 6 will use the curved screen. Now Chinese site C Technology has claimed most recently – based on an insider’s tip – Apple has begun testing iPhone 6 prototype for some time, and its size is 4.9 inches. In addition, C Technology also claims that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C could get  larger screens as an upgraded versions in 2014. That means the iPhone 6 may be the name for the successor to the iPhone 5S with a 4.9-inch display. But the guys at C Technology are not sure if iPhone 5C would have a 4.9-inch display.

We have no more iPhone 6 news, but it’s interesting to consider all the possibilities around the web. Apple is allegedly looking at bigger displays all around for the iPhone. As of now tech guys are most concerned about the screen size of the next iPhone. Stay tuned for more iPhone 6 updates!

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