Apple has released a new web tool – Deregister iMessage, it allows users to remove their phone numbers from iMessage registration. This tool will answer users biggest concern when they shift from iPhone to a smartphone from other mobile platform.


If you do not know, iMessage originally introduced in 2011 and it helps iPhone users to communicate with other over data networks and Wi-Fi, instead of using text messages on cellular networks. In case, if you changed your phone and forget to switch off iMessage then your messages will be delivered to your old iPhone, even though it is in no longer in use. This is where this tool is handy.

As a iMessage user, you have to head over to “Deregister iMessage” page on Apple’s website and enter phone number. After entering phone number tap in the confirmation code you receive. As soon as you receive the code enter it on the page and the number will be removed from iMessage. Those who have iPhone with them, they can also transfer SIM card back to the device and after it go to Settings > Messages to turn off iMessage.

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