What do you think about iOS 7 and iPhone if you are a Android user? What would you say if someone told you that you too can get in on the iPhone iOS 7 craziness on your Android phone? Just a simple expression of “Go to hell with your thoughts, you are kidding”. But there are apps available to make you think about iOS 7 on your Android smartphone.

If you are not a iDevice lover but still fascinated with iOS 7, there are over a 100 apps in the Google Play Store that will let you make your Android masterpiece to look a lot more “colourful” as Apple iOS does. Being a Android phone lover, if you want to be part of the Apple’s fascination or just trick your friends into thinking that how you have got iOS 7 on your Android smartphone, plenty of applications available on Google play.

Here we have some screenshots for iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD (free) application that makes your start screen look like iOS 7 and for the iOS 7 Theme for Hi Launcher (free) application for Android that makesthe skin of your Android phone to look like the new iOS 7.The Google Play icon becomes the App Store logo while the Chrome icon becomes aiOS 7 Safari logo.



Download Link For iOS7 Parallax HD

Download Link For iOS7 Theme For Hi Launcher

[Via] GooglePlay

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