Google has added a new feature to its Android Device Manager Service, previously it has only been locating phones. But, now the service gets the remote locking feature that allows users to remotely lock their Android smartphones with a new PIN code. The new request will override previous screen unlock measures that means you can override any other pattern or pin set on the device.


Now users will have a new Lock button in their Android Device Manager, its for everyone. Click it, and your lost device can be secured instantly.  The Device Manager will simply ask to you to choose a new password when submitting the lock request. Hopefully, when you will have your device again with you, that’s the code you’ll use to unlock the device. If the device is in Airplane mode, the lock request will be performed as soon as it’s reconnected to the internet.

This feature is incredibly useful for the Android users. To try the new feature, head to the Android Device Manager site through source link below. Make sure the Android Device Manager is already enabled on your device in your Google settings app.

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