Much awaited Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has been officially announced at Google Event in San Francisco. The new Nexus 7 (or 2nd generation Nexus 7) tablet will be the first device to ship with Android 4.3.

Android 4.3 feature multi-user restricted profiles, Bluetooth 4.0 low energy support, background Wi-Fi location, language support, built-in OpenGL ES 3.0 support, DRM APIs for providing hardware-based encryption for protecting content and addition of several APIs for developers.


Android 4.3 – What’s New?

Restricted Profiles

Android 4.3 brings advanced multi-user settings, this allows you to share your device with any number of different profiles for each users especially kids. It lock down apps which are not supposed to be used by others and enable parents & schools to restrict young Android users access to certain inappropriate content. In addition to this, if you have a kid and don’t want them to browse the web on your device then you can remove those apps from kids login.


Bluetooth Low Energy / Bluetooth Smart

Android 4.3 comes with Bluetooth Low Energy support or Bluetooth Smart and enable you to stay connected to devices all day over Bluetooth without any sacrifice to battery life.


OpenGL ES 3.0

Android 4.3 comes with OpenGL ES 3.0 support to developers especially game developers.

Faster, Smoother And Availability

Android 4.3 expected to be a lot faster in terms of operation. Google Nexus devices including Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be getting Android 4.3 update first and it will be pushed out OTA (Over The Air) starting today. The Google Play edition devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One will be getting this update soon.

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