Amazon is finally close to unveiling its first own-brand smartphones to the competitive smartphone market. According to the reports, Amazon’s smartphone will be announced in June this year. Amazon’s upcoming flagship smartphone will have a screen capable of displaying 3D images without having to wear any glasses, running a forked version of Android.

Amazon smartphone PhoneBGR has managed to get an image of a prototype device which is said to be Amazon’s first phone. Don’t pre-judge about the design, the prototype is wrapped in a shell that hides the actual design preventing prying eyes. The Prototype clearly shows a trio of buttons along the left side handle power and volume.

Amazon phone prototypeThe leaked images show five front-facing camera units on the device (reportedly a sixth out back). One of the five on the front is also just a standard camera to serve standard video calling, while the remaining four front cameras will play role in creating the already rumored glasses-free, head-tracking 3D effect. All those cameras reportedly enable the phone to track the position of your head and where you’re looking, thus enabling glasses-free 3D from any angle.  These cameras are believed to be low power infrared sensors.

The 3D effect feature will be limited at the device’s launch – it will be reserved for only several built-in gestures. The smartphone is said to be powered by a heavily modified version of Android – FireOS –  with extreme 3D parallax effects by employing “retina-tracking technology embedded in four front-facing cameras, or sensors, to make some images appear to be 3-D, similar to a hologram.”

Amazon phoneThere’s not much known about the specifications but it is said that Amazon smartphone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and it will also include 2GB of RAM. The screen is reportedly of the 4.7-inch variety, rather than going 1080p, the handset is also said to push 720p. The smartphone is powered by a heavily modified version of Android, called FireOS.

The official name of the device is yet to be known. According to the reports, Amazon has already showed the device off to key developers in San Francisco and Seattle so it’s likely the device will launch with third party support. Amazon is planing to announce the phone by June and shipping it by the end of September. It is also reported that a more affordable version will arrive later this year as well.

Source: BGR

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