The buzz for the budget iPhone is all on the high around the web, which Apple is supposedly preparing to launch alongside the iPhone 5S. Many alleged details leaked earlier already including the image below suggesting the iPhone mini name, having four different color variant.

iPhone mini

Besides all the rumor around, the latest rumors surrounding the budget iPhone range include mass production of the models now under way, as well as leaked pricing details.

Sonny Dickson, the man behind a lot of Apple related leaks in the past, tweeted what he claims to be the budget iPhone price tags.

Budget iPhone mini pricing details

The cheap iPhone won’t be so cheap as everyone expecting after all. Right now, the cheapest unlocked iPhone available from the online Apple Store is the 8GB iPhone 4 which will set you back $450. The 16GB model of the budget iPhone will cost $100 less against 8 GB model for iPhone 4.

We are still hoping to hear something from Apple side about the mini iPhone. What you think about the alleged pricing details?  Would Apple be smart enough to cover the “under $400” market segment? Share your views via comments.

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