Today cell phones/mobile phones are not any kind of doubts or questions for anyone, they are more than an answer for everyone in the form of smartphones. From the use of first hand held mobile phone in the year 1973 to the era of iPhone/Galaxy/Lumia/Xperia, the mobile tech has grown far beyond from everyone’s imagination. Mobile phones are now essential part of our lives.

everything you need to know about mobile phonesHowever, along with many benefits and advantages some disadvantages and dangers follow the same path, which everyone might have been unaware of. One can say, all is not perfect about mobile phones either. Here’s a beautiful infographic by the guys at BLOGMOST that shows the advantages and the disadvantages of a mobile phone and also. The following infographic presents everything you need to know about mobile phones and their usage through some beautiful stats.

[Infographic] Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones and Everything You Need to Know About Phone UsageSo after reading all the above stats, have you find out any New Year resolution about mobile usage for yourself? Let us know via comments.


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