On Monday, Adobe announced a public preview of much awaited web animation tool – Adobe Edge. Adobe Edge is a web motion and interaction design tool which offers users/developers to create animated content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript – not Flash.


The best thing I like about this tool is that, it is useful for developers who choose to work with HTML5 because there aren’t any professional-level editing tools dedicated to the standard yet and it’s the first professional-grade HTML5 editing tool on the market.

This product relies on strict HTML standards and does not incorporate Flash, and does not meant to replace existing web design tools like Dreamweaver or Flash, but to coexists with them, enhancing Adobe’s place as a leader in the future of web infrastructure, especially as HTML5 becomes increasingly in the world of mobile.

This tool is available for free, as the company is looking for feedback from developers and the best thing is that Adobe will update the software faster than anything it’s released before to keep up with the rapidly changing world of HTML5. So for what are you waiting for, get Adobe Edge now.

Download Adobe Edge


  • Create new compositions with Edge’s drawing and text tools.
  • Import popular web graphics such as SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF files.
  • Easily choreograph animation with the timeline editor. Animate position, size, color, shape, rotation and more at the property level.
  • Energize existing HTML files with motion, while preserving the integrity of CSS-based HTML layouts.
  • Copy and paste transitions, invert them, and choose from over 25 built-in easing effects for added creativity.

Here is the video preview,take a look and download it, test it out and let me know what you think about it.

Source: Adobe

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