The latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 comes with number of features and above all it brings updates to all major desktop applications, plus several new mobile apps. Before I share much about Creative Cloud 2014, I would like to share that it is available on Subscription model as a part of its Photography plan it includes Lightroom pro photo workflow program, online photo syncing & cloud storage and attendant mobile apps like Photoshop Mix and Lightroom Mobile.

What’s new in Photoshop CC 2014

The latest version of Photoshop comes with new features & it will target professional designers with improvements to smart Guides, Smart Objects, fonts and 3D functionality. Mini Bridge, Kuler and third-party extensions built using Flash are no longer supported by Photoshop and below I’m listing new features that are added in latest version.

Photoshop Mix (iPad App)

The PhotoShop Mix uses Photoshop capabilities and it can send .PSD files to desktop Photoshop program. It works in three most advanced effects of Photoshop’s – sending your image to the cloud for processing: content-aware fill, camera-shake reduction and perspective corrections.

Smarter Smart Objects

Smart objects are reusable layers that can contain raster or vector images that you can either embed or link in your image file. The 2014 release offers ability to package linked objects and convert embedded objects into linked objects as well as more control over layer comps within smart objects.

Blur Gallery

It is specifically created for photo manipulators and it feature a window that lets you apply popular effects like tilt-shift and bookeh.

Focus Mask

The new feature is Focus Mask and it simply choose Focus Area from the Select menu and the tool creates a mask of just the in-focus area in the photo. This works best for photos without complex backgrounds.

Content-Aware Color Blend

It figure out a photo’s contents and let you to remove and add objects that have been improved with color bending. This means no more obvious color patches around the object you moved if it contains graduated colors.

Guides and Fonts

The 2014 edition of Photoshop CC is its incorporation of TypeKit downloadable fonts. You get TypeKit access with your subscription, but you have to sign into the Creative Cloud resident app before you can use it in Photoshop.

As soon as you install the Photoshop on Mac/PC, you need to sign-in with your Adobe ID before the installer will let you start. The


On the left-side there are tools and on the right-side, panels are still available, in a choice of workspaces advance over CS5. All your left-side tools and right-side panels are still available, in a choice of workspaces suited to standard image editing, 3D, motion, painting, photography and typography.

There is another features, “Use legacy” box to get the old tool you’re used to and plenty of other little conveniences have been added to the world’s premiere photo editing software.

On my mac the app started as soon as I click it and it’s nice. Although it will take certain amount of seconds to open the interface. Some tools have clear progress bars, while others leave you guessing.

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